Tommaso Maria Bianchi

University of Brescia degree in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Metallurgy.
Italian Institute of Welding (IIS-Genova) degree IWE International Welding Engineer.
Engineers Association of Bergamo registered.
Technical Advisers List of Engineers Association of Bergamo registered for the Category numb. 17 (Metallurgy and Metals Technology) in relation to the following specializations:

  • 17.1 Technology, heat treatments and welding
  • 17.2 Metallurgy
  • 17.3 Steel industry
  • 17.4 Controls
For over 15 years working in Italian Leader Companies in mechanical textile, cold drawing, forging, static and centrifugal casting, welded structures construction sectors, with tasks relative to the Management of Technical Office, R&D, Quality, Testing dpt, Production, Metallurgical Laboratory and Mechanical Testing Laboratory, Process Metallurgy and Failure Analysis.
Since 2015 Freelance Engineer consultant in metallurgy and heat treatment, metallurgical design, failure analysis, process and product quality, welding engineering, welding activities coordination according to ISO 3834, temporary management. Teaching business education courses.